If there is one word to define 2020, it’s no other than COVID-19.

Relocation has never been more in demand than during this pandemic. Though it seems the threat of a deadly virus would have locked people in place, instead, many are anxious to move instead.

People nowadays relocate for many reasons connected to the global health crisis. The majority wish to get out of big cities, which are virus epicenters. Some want to move closer to their families while a decent lot migrates for job-related reasons. Whatever motive you may have, one thing is certain: moving now is much harder than last year — it’s more risky, dangerous, and pricey.

However, don’t be discouraged. It might have gotten more complicated, but it’s not impossible with the help of technology.

Moving now is much harder than last year — it’s more risky, dangerous, and pricey. Photo courtesy of Europol.

The Rise of Virtual Walkthroughs

Before diving deep into its benefits, you should know first what a virtual walkthrough is.

Also known as a virtual tour, a virtual walkthrough is a panoramic view or video simulation of a given area. Simply put, it provides the viewer with a virtual experience of being present in that particular location.

Before the pandemic hit the globe, virtual walkthroughs were a sometimes-used option to get an estimate when moving. But these days? It is a growing necessity.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Moving Estimates?

It is necessary to plan ahead before moving. If you decide to hire a moving company, a consultant usually visits your home, assesses your belongings, and then gives you an estimated cost. However, the chances of contracting the virus via face-to-face interaction have rendered this method risky and unsafe.

This is where a virtual walkthrough truly shines. It offers a remote approach to providing estimates for moving services.

Additionally, there are more benefits to this method:

  • Safety. This is the primary reason why you’ll want to opt for a virtual walkthrough. There’s obviously no way you can contract a virus through a digital screen, right?
  • Convenience. It enables your moving company to evaluate your home from their office, and you don’t have to make preparations to receive guests.
  • Quick process. It saves a lot of time because the company representative doesn’t have to visit and deal with traffic.
  • Same quality as in-home estimates: A virtual walkthrough is just as good as someone coming over to check out your home. Just make sure to meet the digital requirements.
  • Easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech master to have a virtual walkthrough with your mover. All you need is to do is download the company’s app, launch it, and voilà! Say hi to your moving company.

Virtual walkthroughs offer a remote approach to moving quotes. Photo courtesy of Blue Matter.

How Do You Schedule a Virtual Walkthrough?

The entire process is pretty much the same for most moving companies. Moversdev suggests having your mobile phone ready and then:

  1. Ask your moving company to schedule a virtual walkthrough.


  1. Wait for them to send you a link to an app download.


  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


  1. Launch the app and wait for them to invite you to a video call.


  1. Once the call is up, you will then tour the company consultant throughout your entire home. This gives them an idea of how to execute the move, the type of furniture you own, and what obstacles they would be facing (like stairs, narrow corners, etc.).


  1. After the walkthrough would be the perfect time to ask questions if you have some.


  1. When it’s over, the consultant will provide you an estimate after a few minutes, or they’ll send you an email later on with everything in detail.

And that’s it! Congratulations on successfully pulling off a virtual walkthrough.

Extra Tips for Moving Safely During the Pandemic

A virtual walkthrough is only one of the many precautions that you can take to protect yourself, your family, and the movers from the virus.

Here are some additional actions to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Choose your moving company carefully. Affordable rates aren’t your only concern here. Don’t hesitate to ask your potential company what steps are they taking to ensure a safe environment and secure moving experience.
  • Sanitize your home. You shouldn’t just rely on your moving company for protection. You have to do your part. Start by preparing a foot detox bath. Then proceed to disinfect doorknobs, handles, switches, and stair railings. Prepare hand sanitizers in every room.
  • Don’t greet movers with a handshake. Remember, no contact. Welcome them with a smile or a simple nod instead.
  • Follow basic protocols. Remind everyone to wear masks, inform them of the hand sanitizer you’ve provided, and maintain social distancing (6-foot).
  • Lastly, don’t try to help the movers. Although it might be tempting to offer your assistance to speed up the process, you want to limit contact as much as possible. So trust your movers, stay out of the way, and let them do their job.

You shouldn’t just rely on your moving company for protection. Photo courtesy of

Covid-19 is frightening, but so is not being able to do what you have to do. So if you need to move, then do it! Just make sure to follow the steps above to ensure a safe moving experience.

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